Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Including Radiography and Ultrasonography, for Accurate Diagnoses

Cat Hospital of Metairie offers advanced diagnostic imaging, including radiography and ultrasonography, to provide accurate and timely diagnoses for your feline companion’s health. Our non-invasive and comfortable diagnostic imaging procedures help identify various conditions, including pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, bladder stones, cancer, and heart disease. With our on-site diagnostic imaging for radiography and ultrasonography, we ensure convenient and efficient examinations. Additionally, our facility can send images and videos to board-certified specialists for further review, providing comprehensive and expert care for your cat’s well-being.

Veterinarian performing ultrasound for a cat

Diagnosing Feline Health Conditions with Diagnostic Imaging

  • Pancreatitis: Ultrasound aids in detecting inflammation and abnormalities in the pancreas.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Precise imaging helps diagnose and monitor IBD, a common gastrointestinal disorder in cats.
  • Bladder Stones: Ultrasound enables visualization of bladder stones, guiding treatment options for your cat’s urinary health.
  • Cancer: Early detection of tumors or masses is crucial for timely intervention and treatment planning.
  • Heart Disease: Ultrasound allows for a detailed assessment of the heart’s structure and function, aiding in the diagnosis of heart conditions.

Expertise, Precision, and Compassionate Care

At Cat Hospital of Metairie, our team of skilled veterinarians brings years of specialized experience performing diagnostic imaging, including radiography and ultrasonography. With a focus on expertise, precision, and compassionate care, we utilize radiography and ultrasonography technology to produce high-quality imaging for accurate diagnoses. Your cat’s comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and our gentle approach to these examinations ensures a stress-free experience for your feline companion.

Convenient On-Site Services Tailored for Your Cat

We understand the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment for your cat’s health. That’s why our on-site ultrasound and radiography services offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency. From routine screenings to diagnosing specific concerns, our comprehensive diagnostic imaging services are available under one roof. This means no need for referrals, providing seamless and swift assessments for your cat’s well-being.

Collaborative Care with Veterinary Experts

In complex cases or for further evaluation, we collaborate closely with board-certified radiologists for expert consultations. This collaborative approach ensures your cat receives the highest level of diagnostic accuracy and tailored treatment plans. We prioritize transparency and communication, and our team will thoroughly discuss our findings and recommended treatment options with you. Rest assured, your cat is in caring hands at Cat Hospital of Metairie.