Cat Boarding: A Peaceful Retreat at Cat Hospital of Metairie

Treat your cat to a relaxing stay at our exclusive boarding facility. Cat Hospital of Metairie offers a serene environment free from the presence of dogs, ensuring a stress-free experience for your feline friend. With comfortable accommodations and personalized care, we provide a home away from home. Our experienced staff and veterinary oversight guarantee your cat’s well-being. Schedule their stay with us for peace of mind while you’re away.

Cat with collar belt sitting inside boarding facility

Our Cat Boarding Facility

  • Cat-Exclusive Environment: We take pride in being a cat-only boarding facility, ensuring no dogs are present to disturb your cat’s stay. This creates a calm and quiet atmosphere, ideal for cats.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: We understand that cats have different personalities and preferences, which is why we offer a variety of cage sizes to allow your cat to stretch out comfortably. Whether your cat enjoys lounging or exploring, we have the perfect space for them.
  • Enrichment Activities: We provide playtime sessions for social butterflies who love interactive fun. For our more shy and delicate friends, we offer “hidey box” cardboard lounges where they can retreat and relax in privacy.
  • Special Dietary Needs: We offer a variety of prescription diets for cats with specific dietary requirements. Simply let us know your cat’s needs, and we’ll ensure they receive the appropriate meals during their stay.
  • Boarding Requirements: For the health and safety of all our guests, all boarding cats must be up to date on their annual veterinary examinations and vaccinations. This includes both rabies and FVRCP (upper respiratory disease) vaccines.
  • Welcoming New Guests: If your cat has seen another veterinarian but is not a patient at Cat Hospital of Metairie, no problem! We’ll set up a meeting with our staff to answer any questions and ensure your cat will be comfortable with us.

Our Cat Boarding Facility with Different Size Options

A cat laying inside small boarding facility

Small (appropriate for small/quiet cats, or short stays: $30/night)

A cat laying inside medium sized boarding facility

Medium (suitable for most cats: $32/night)

X-Large boarding facility with a cat standing inside it

X-Large (extra space for an active cat, or a shy cat who may not want play time but has room to move around: $42/night)

Coming soon image

Double (same as the X-Large but shared between your pair of cats, $60/night)

Convenient Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We know your schedule can be busy, so we offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times during our regular business hours, Monday through Saturday. You can rest assured that your cat is in good hands while you attend to your responsibilities.

Why Choose Cat Boarding at Cat Hospital of Metairie?

Discover the benefits of boarding your cat with us at Cat Hospital of Metairie:

  • Peace of Mind: With our cat-exclusive facility and experienced staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is well cared for and safe.
  • Personalized Care: We understand that every cat is unique, and we tailor our care to meet their individual needs, whether they prefer playtime or quiet relaxation.
  • Veterinary Oversight: Being part of a veterinary hospital means that your cat has access to medical care if needed. Our trained staff can recognize and respond to any health concerns that may arise.
  • Convenient and Flexible: Our drop-off and pick-up times are designed to fit your schedule, making it easy and convenient to plan your cat’s stay with us.
  • Enriching Environment: From interactive play sessions to cozy lounges, we provide an enriching environment for your cat to enjoy during their stay.

Contact Cat Hospital of Metairie for Cat Boarding

If you’re planning a trip or need a safe place for your cat to stay, consider boarding at Cat Hospital of Metairie. Contact us today to schedule your cat’s stay and experience our cat-exclusive facility designed for the comfort and well-being of your feline friend.

For your convenience, you can fill out our boarding form here to expedite the process.