Compassionate Solutions for Your Cat’s Behavior

At Cat Hospital of Metairie, we understand that every cat is unique, and sometimes, they may exhibit behaviors that are concerning or challenging for pet owners. Our cat behavioral consultations are designed to help address and correct issues such as house soiling, destructive scratching, and aggression. Our experienced veterinarians and behavior specialists are here to provide guidance and support to improve your cat’s behavior and strengthen your bond with your furry companion.

A Black and White Cat Scratching the Sofa

Understanding Cat Behavior

  • House Soiling: House soiling, such as urinating or defecating outside the litter box, can be a particularly frustrating challenge for cat owners. Our behavioral consultations can help identify the underlying reasons for this behavior, whether it’s due to medical issues, stress, or territorial marking. We’ll work with you to develop strategies to encourage proper litter box use and address any underlying issues.
  • Destructive Scratching: Destructive scratching behavior can damage furniture and carpets, but it’s also a natural behavior for cats. Our team can provide advice on how to redirect this behavior to appropriate scratching posts and discourage destructive scratching in unwanted areas.
  • Aggression: Aggression in cats can be concerning, especially if directed towards family members or other pets. Our behavioral consultations will delve into the triggers for your cat’s aggression and provide strategies to manage and modify this behavior. Whether it’s fear-based aggression, territorial behavior, or redirected aggression, we’ll work with you to create a plan for a harmonious household.

Our Approach to Cat Behavioral Consultations

  • Comprehensive Assessment: During a cat behavioral consultation at Cat Hospital of Metairie, our veterinarians will conduct a thorough assessment of your cat’s behavior and environment. We’ll discuss your cat’s history, living situation, and any recent changes that may have contributed to the behavior.
  • Individualized Recommendations: Based on our assessment, we’ll provide tailored recommendations to address your cat’s specific behavior issues. This may include environmental modifications, behavior modification techniques, training exercises, and tips for enrichment activities to keep your cat mentally stimulated.
  • Ongoing Support: Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to improve your cat’s behavior in the long term. We’ll provide ongoing support and guidance as you implement the recommended strategies. We’re here to answer your questions and provide additional resources to ensure success.

How to Book a Cat Behavioral Consultation

If you’re interested in booking a cat behavioral consultation with us, please call our front desk to schedule an appointment. Prior to your visit, we’ll ask you to fill out a behavioral history form, which will provide valuable insights into your cat’s behavior. This information will help us better understand your cat’s needs and tailor our recommendations accordingly.