Accurate Diagnosis with Advanced Cat Radiology Services

At Cat Hospital of Metairie, our advanced cat radiology services offer precise and efficient diagnostic imaging for your feline companion’s health. With our on-site, modern X-ray equipment, we provide high-quality radiographs to aid in the quick and accurate diagnosis of many disorders. Whether it’s detecting bone fractures, assessing organ health, or identifying foreign objects, our skilled veterinarians utilize advanced technology to ensure thorough evaluations. Your cat’s well-being is our priority, and our comprehensive radiology services are designed to provide valuable insights for effective treatment plans.

Person looking at Xray while cat is sitting in window

When to Consider Cat Radiology?

Cat radiology may be recommended in various situations, including:

  • Trauma: If your cat has experienced an injury or trauma, X-rays can help assess the extent of damage to bones and soft tissues.
  • Chronic Pain: Cats are masters at hiding discomfort, but chronic pain conditions such as arthritis can be detected through radiographs.
  • Respiratory Issues: Radiographs can reveal signs of respiratory conditions, such as pneumonia or lung tumors.
  • Abdominal Concerns: X-rays are valuable for evaluating the abdomen, including detecting masses, foreign objects, or abnormalities in organ size or position.
  • Preventive Care: Even if your cat appears healthy, routine radiographs can be beneficial for early detection of potential health issues.

Cat Radiology Process

When your cat undergoes a radiology procedure at Cat Hospital of Metairie, rest assured that they are in caring and capable hands. The process typically involves:

  • Preparation: Your cat may need to be sedated or restrained, depending on the procedure. Our team will ensure that your cat is comfortable and relaxed.
  • Imaging: Our veterinarians will position your cat for the X-ray, ensuring excellent imaging of the area of interest. The X-ray machine will emit a small amount of radiation to capture images.
  • Interpretation: Once the images are obtained, our veterinarians will carefully examine them for any abnormalities or signs of disease. This process may involve measurements, comparisons to previous images, and consultations with specialists if needed.
  • Results: We will discuss the results with you and develop a tailored treatment plan if necessary. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a clear understanding of your cat’s health status.

Benefits of Cat Radiology at Cat Hospital of Metairie

  • Quick Diagnosis: Our modern X-ray equipment allows us to obtain fast and efficient imaging results, prompting diagnosis and allowing us to initiate treatment plans swiftly.
  • Accurate Results: High-quality radiographs provide detailed images of your cat’s internal structures. This enables our veterinarians to identify and assess various medical conditions, from bone fractures to internal organ abnormalities.
  • Comprehensive Care: Our cat radiology services cover a wide range of diagnostic needs. Whether we evaluate bone health, check for signs of arthritis, or investigate respiratory issues, we offer a comprehensive approach to your cat’s health.
  • On-Site Convenience: By having our own radiology services on-site, we eliminate the need for external referrals. This means that your cat can receive seamless and efficient care right here at Cat Hospital of Metairie.