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Everything was absolutely perfect. From the front desk to the vet everyone was friendly and helpful. This was the best ever vet experience for our cat. The service was incredible. He needs special food for a while and I was given samples to try so we could determine which food he would like. The pills he needs to take were combined in one gel cap for ease of administering.
He had an accident on the way to the vet, and everyone so graciously cleaned him and his kennel. All of our cats will be coming here for health issues. Thank y’all so very much.

Petra Reynolds

Our cat had a hard to diagnose issue. These people, using the X-rays from a previous vet were able to diagnose the issue and even juggled their schedules to help him get the necessary procedure in time to save his health, if not his life. This is where we’ll take our cats from now on.

Tony Beauregard

Dr. Miller’s service is always extraordinary. She is patient and knowledgeable with my Luka because he is aggressive during veterinarian appointments. I had another veterinarian hospital that refused care for my fur baby. I highly recommend the Cat Hospital of Metairie because no cat is left behind! THANK YOU!

Tyla Kennedy

Dr. Miller and the Cat Hospital are the very best you will ever get. In addition to being the most knowledgeable veterinarian, she is kind and gentle. No one knows cats the way these veterinarians do.

Sandra Green

This was our first visit. And I can’t think of anything that would make my visit better that you guys could do. Now, if I could just make my cat behave and not act like a wild man. It would be a better experience for all of us lol.

Richard Leithman

Y’all are perfectly wonderful in every way, and I have no suggestions for improvement whatsoever. Thank you so very much for your incredibly kind, compassionate, and thoughtful care of our community Battle Cat, with all of his feral feistiness (okay, to be fair, ferocity, and probably a few other select f-words also apply here) and your creativity in helping us find ways to attempt to manage this unruly dude’s new-onset diabetes. Y’all are the best and we love you! Thanks for always taking such amazing care of all of our feline furbabies <3

Kiara Fitzgerald

Today was my cat Loki’s first visit to the cat hospital of Metairie. He is a very vet aggressive animal but the staff there handled him like a pro. Even though he had to be sedated they treated him great ran all kinds of tests and made me feel good too. Highly recommend.

Richard Leithman

Great purrsonal care and very thorough. I will be taking all my cats here in the future.

Samantha Martin

We had the best experience here! Dr Miller and the techs were so wonderful with my kitty. You can tell they all really love cats. Highly recommend!

Kristin Koster

The vets were so helpful. We went to another vet prior and they estimated the costs would be $1,000 just to figure out what was wrong with her, and made us pay $60 for an exam with no medicine. However, at the Cat Hospital of Metairie, they gave us medicine and an exam the same day for $80. They treated my cat as if she was a family member, not just another pet owner to get money out of. They gave my cat treats while I was there and the vet was very caring and patient. They even have sweet cats that they keep there that lounge around! You can tell they genuinely care about your cat and want the best care for you and your pet. I cannot recommend enough.


This place is amazing. I came here for a second opinion. To the staff from the front to back, I want to thank them all. Dr. Miller and her staff spent over 2 hours with my cat and all his issues. She diagnosed issues that were never addressed. I am confident we are getting my cat back on track. I will be bringing my other cats there as well. Reasonably priced too! Dr. Miller was thorough, attentive and informative. She returned my call the next day in regards to his feeding directions. My cats will be boarding there soon and I know they will be in great care. Thank you.

Amanda Katherine

I have a five-year-old female cat that was diagnosed with FIC by another veterinarian. Basically my cat was stressed and fearful of everything all of the time, even though she was safe and loved. The constant stress and fear in turn affects the lining of the bladder, causing it to become inflamed and painful. This led to her peeing all over the house. My previous vet put her on medication that only made matters worse. He said that was all he could do and lowered her dose to see if that would help. I was devastated and needed better help for my girl. I called Cat Hospital and I am so thankful that I did. Dr. Thibeau was understanding and so very helpful. She has saved my girl and my house. She put her on a different medication better suited for her disorder. It’s almost like I have a completely different kitty. She is more social and has now become an affectionate lap cat. She no longer hides all day. She can finally relax and be happy.
Thank You Dr. Thibeau

Nicole Juneau

Doc and her staff are so very gentle and compassionate putting both the feline patients and their humans at ease while providing top notch health services.

D Hickman

My visits are always top-notch! Dr. Miller — please don’t ever retire! We love you… Joy, Buddy, Skipper, and Melody!

Joy Ayo

I cannot begin to express the depth of my gratitude to Dr. Miller, Dr. Thibeau, and the entire thoughtful, loving staff. They were always there for us, held our hands through some very rough days and gave exceptional care to our sweet, tiny princess Delilah. Life has a way of always bringing the right people in at the right time — these people truly care. I thank you all so, so much. 🐾

Jason Gutierrez

Such a caring staff! This was my first visit and my cat Kumiko was sick. They were prompt, thorough, and put us at ease right away. The practice had all the equipment needed to examine and perform labs on the spot. We had a diagnosis right away and were sent home with all needed medicines and supplies. Two days later, Dr. T called to inquire about Kumiko! I wish I had learned the names of the ladies at the front desk and who also helped with the exam and testing; they were completely professional and friendly. Thanks! I look forward to our check up next week.

Angelle Ruppert